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    Marques Durieux (bass, keys, vocals)

    Marques Durieux’s accomplishments certify him as awesome.  He rollerblades, speaks conversational Japanese, and has one of the most adorable children in the world.  He also plays several instruments impeccably, and frequently plays more than one of those instruments at the same time. 

    Marques began playing piano by ear at 7 years old to his mother’s radio.  Since then he has been completely immersed in the education and expansion of his musical abilities.  He studied at the Professional Performing Arts School in Manhattan during his teenage years and continued those studies at Juilliard upon graduation.  Marques has been a permanent member and/or leader of 10 bands in his adult career.  He also holds the distinguished accomplishment of creating a bass line for J. Cole.  His most recent project is the Bryan Durieux Project, a highly successful soul band based uptown. 

    The funk coming from Marques’s 6 string bass has been created by years of studying Bill Withers, Jamiroquai, Raul Midon, Jaco Pastorius, and Jimmy Norman.  

    Marques has been a fixture at The Poet WILL Be Televised! since the series started in December of 2013. The REC is more than happy to have him.

    Marques is also a model.

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  2. Check out snippets from the last The Poet WILL Be Televised! at http://youtube.com/RoyaltieEntCompany.

    The Poet WILL Be Televised! is every 2nd Wednesday at Leftfield on Ludlow (87 Ludlow Street) in New York, New York, hosted by thatninjawordz.

    Produced by The REC, sponsored by Funkadelic Studios and filmed by Universal Voices.

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    Justin “Jett” Carter

    (drums, percussion)

    Drum virtuoso, Justin “Jett” Carter, is a multi-instrumentalist and the driving force of the hip-hop fusion band, Sibling

    Justin began playing drums at an early age, 3 or 4 and continued cultivating his artistic dominance over the instrument through college.  He majored in Music at Livingstone College, where he pledged the illustrious Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

    The soul in Justin’s groove can be accredited to Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, D’Angelo, J Dilla, Kanye West, and Tye Tribett.  Justin also sites his mother as one of his major influences over his music, and his life.

    Justin can be seen not only as a contributing member of Sibling but performing with Bria Monet in venues around the New York Metropolitan area. 

     The REC is happy to have Justin Carter as the latest member of The Poet WILL Be Televised! band.

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    Simone  Acosta (keyboard, Bass, Beatbox, vocals)

    An all around musician, Simone Acosta brings to The Poet WILL Be Televised! both classical musical stylings on keys (honed at Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts) and hip-hop improv she inherited being raised in the Bronx. 

    Simone can be heard sitting in at The Lesson, the famed hiphop jam session on Thursday nights at Arlene’s Grocery, and also performing alongside vocalists Shay Leonia and Dale Novella in NYC hotspots.  

    Her latest accomplishment has been being inducted into the prestigious Beatrhyme Communications crew as a student of legendary beatboxer, KidLucky. 

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  5. Today we send a huge birthday shout out to The King of Pop Music, Michael Jackson. Enjoy this video of one of his great hits, Remember the Time. #TheRECLife

  6. Today mslaurynhill released her version of My Favorite Things dedicated to Ferguson, MO and the protests that have been raging in the area for the past week.  Check out this epic track called, Black Rage.

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    #repost from @mediadivaent. #thepoetwillbetelevised returns Sept 10th at @LeftfieldBar. For more information visit http://youtube.com/royaltieentcompany and http://facebook.com/LoveTheREC :-*

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  8. Summer Rain - Mello Deas

  9. REC Artist Review | By Ebony Allen


     Charleston-based singer, songwriter, and actor Mello Deas released his first EP, A Mello Summer Dream, to a crowd of Charleston benyas and other South Carolina natives, where he was well-received in the same place he began performing as a solo R&B and soul singer. His voice proves soulful indeed with his rich melodies and smooth harmonic blends. He produces a very clean sound with a youthful, particular edge. He shapes his words so carefully as to make the listener’s soul stir.

    Summer Rain, which is one of six tracks on this EP, was the first single released last summer and has become a fan favorite thanks to its easy-going style and fun tempo. Personally, I’m more a fan of Spellbound, which has been playing on repeat for about the last hour or so. Mello Deas personally laid his soul on the line in this song and laced it with that original R&B smooth with a touch of 90s seduction; I’m am definitely under his spell! 

    Thanks to Mello Deas the millennial generation may remember, and some may even be introduced to, genuine R&B sounds. This EP is not another contemporary Pop project falsely labeled and circulated as R&B. ‘Mr. Romantic’ is truly a soul singer and has found a way to bridge the gap between contemporary R&B and old-school soul with elements of hip-hop.

    Buy A Mello Summer Dream by Mello Deas on Amazon or iTunes.


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  10. thereclife:

    REC Artist Review | By Ebony Allen


     As we celebrate Independence Day in the United States, we tend to reflect on our faith, family, food, and most importantly freedom! Ronald Daise was able to capture these important themes as they pertain to Gullah culture and history and translate it into art. In his new album Gullah Tings Fa Tink BoutRonald shares with the listener his personal insight and experience as a Gullah Geechee native of St. Helena Island, South Carolina. 

    Many of the millennial generation may remember Gullah only as a thing of the past and only something they are vaguely familiar with from Nickelodeon’s award-winning television show “Gullah Gullah Island.” Ronald starred on the show and even contributed lyrics for the theme song. Two decades later, Ronald still finds his unique warm way to welcome listeners to journey with him and learn more about one of America’s most vibrant and rich cultures. 

    In this project, the songs “Gullah Geechee Mean a Lotand “Dats Right, I Am a Gullah!Ronald was able to share the history of the language, the culture, and the people. He discusses notions of freedom and values that are embedded in seemingly unrelated practices such as preparing rice and other traditional dishes in the song ‘De Rice Sing’. Ronald blends traditional stomp and clap gospel with Gullah/Geechee, West African, and Caribbean styles to create melodies and rhythms that make you want to dance and sing along! “De African Sperit Come Dong On We”stands out among the other songs on the album and reminds me of the days when I played my djembe at the Annual Gullah Festival in Beaufort, South Carolina. 

    Gullah Tings Fa Tink Bout should be enjoyed by all Gullah Geechee people and people of all ages around the world who want some Gullah things to think about and discuss in the family room, the dance room, or the classroom! So, “put your foot in your hand” and get your copy of Gullah Tings Fa Tink Bout today!

    Buy Gullah Tings Fa Tink Bout by Ronald Daise here: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/ronalddaise 


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